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Playwinxclub.com is an official co-production between Rainbow S.r.l Italy and Tsumanga Studios in Scotland. Playwinxclub.com is designed to engage the Winx Club fan community, interacting with a range of mobile and tablet applications that will be available via the Apple App Store and Android Stores (Google Play, Amazon etc.)

Playwinxclub.com is both safe and fun in a feel-good way, developing creativity and imagination in children, while immersed in the world's leading girl's brand: Winx Club.

We at Playwinxclub headquarters sought the advice, guidance and insights of the UK's leading child psychologist, Dr Barbie Clarke, to ensure we develop a digital experience that positively engages the core audience of girls aged 7–12 years. We have included both online and offline activities that ensure a good balance of time spent having fun and educational development, particularly in the areas of creative and social development.

True to Winx Club's current themes of environmental awareness, we aim to engage the altruistic aspect of a child's inherent nature, to care about our planet and to give back. Playwinxclub.com partners with a few carefully selected global foundations, NGOs and charities. Donations to them will be linked to achievements within the games and to activity-related artwork submitted, empowering children to make a difference in the world around them. Donations do not depend on purchases and targets can be met while playing for free.

Our intention is for Playwinxclub.com to be a fun place to hang out, be creative, get involved and enjoy the Winx Club story with fans from all around the world. We have sought to create a space where parents can feel at peace, knowing the content we create and the safety of your child is foremost in our minds.

Online safety is a concern for all parents and at Playwinxclub.com, we take this very seriously and will not gather, store or communicate personally identifiable information about your child. Our website and applications will always function without requiring any personal details.

See our Privacy Policy for a more detailed statement.

Our Advertising Policy:

There is no third-party advertising in our website, apps or games, but we do link to the official winxclub.com site. Be aware that data collection policies on other sites may differ from ours. Please always check privacy policies.

General internet safety tips:

  1. Avoid sending or uploading photos where you or others are recognisable. Rather, upload your creations.
  2. Never upload content such as videos that reveals your personal information or identity.
  3. Choose a username that doesn't have any of your real names in it.
  4. Never give anyone any personal information, especially not your location, phone number or school.
  5. Tell your parents if someone asks you for personal information, or says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.
  6. Never share your password or clues about your password with anyone. If someone else finds out or guesses your password, they could pretend to be you and get you into trouble.
  7. Stay away from chat rooms that are not monitored by moderators. Never assume anyone is who they say they are, or that information they give you is accurate.
  8. For more information on how to protect your children online, we recommend the following website: thinkuknow.co.uk